Don’t you just love it when a new idea pops into your mind? When every sense becomes invigorated by each imagined possibility, and all you’re able to do for the next 6o seconds (we live in a fast paced world, what can I say?) is bask in the warmth of glowing possibilities. 

If you’re the ambitious kind, you roll up your sleeves with a readiness to take all of the appropriate actions to bring your idea into a state of reality, but then, shortly after you get the ball rolling, those small, but annoying setbacks begin to materialize.

Yeah, we’ve all been there. So, just for an update things are moving along rather nicely, even though they’re moving at a snail’s pace.


About Simmy

Call me unconvententional, unscientific, or just plain uncivilized, but I like to think of myself as someone's who's always thinking outside the box. I don't know ~ in my mind North is know, like the North Star? Sounds simpleminded to some, but I believe that wisdom is found in the simplest of things, and if we dig deep enough, we'll find it.
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  1. bendedspoon says:

    And when that idea pops in my mind, like thoughts, I post it immediately before the self-critic gets the better of me. I am simpleminded and if I don’t share that simplicity what else I can share?

    Guess what, I think it’s possible for a snail to get ahead than the bird 😉

    • Simmy says:

      Wisdom, in its truest form, is found in simplicity bendedspoon. And a word fitly spoken in its season, is sometimes all the energy it takes to give us the boast we need…like a bit of warm sunshine touching the chilled soul groping in the dark I suppose you could say…and the dark I’m referring to is the darkness of cyberspace!
      As you can see, this site needs a lot of work. Sheeeww! Talk about feeling lost in space! Light years to go ~ but I aim to get there and right now, that’s enoough to keep me going.

      And Hello Sunshine!
      You get the honour of being the first one to post!
      No. Seriously, I’m honoured that you visited and left a comment.
      Thanks for your sage advise.

      And you’re right ~ persistance is the winning power of the snail…yet it’s still at the bottom of the food chain (lol) I suppose it’s always thanking G*d for the shelter of it’s shell, and I thank G*D for you and your encouragement.

      Guess I better go and learn a little something to improve this site.
      Shalom and Blessings to you also.

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