“You can count the seeds in one apple, but you can never count the apples in one seed.”

Welcome to The Lonesome Appleseed!

It might seem like an odd name for the type of website being created here,  but give it some time. It’ll start to make sense. At the moment,this baby is in its pre-birth stage, and there’s a lot of work to be done. But hopefully it will arrive on it’s projected due date. So, for the sake of all that’s pure and good, a simple, ” ‘nough said”, seems to be in order.

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Don’t you just love it when a new idea pops into your mind? When every sense becomes invigorated by each imagined possibility, and all you’re able to do for the next 6o seconds (we live in a fast paced world, what can I say?) is bask in the warmth of glowing possibilities. 

If you’re the ambitious kind, you roll up your sleeves with a readiness to take all of the appropriate actions to bring your idea into a state of reality, but then, shortly after you get the ball rolling, those small, but annoying setbacks begin to materialize.

Yeah, we’ve all been there. So, just for an update things are moving along rather nicely, even though they’re moving at a snail’s pace.

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